Copy of About Us - Original TEST

Copy Of About Us - Original Test


Capri Girl Sandals was born on the island of Capri, a destination that is known for its endless glamour and sophistication. Our designer, Antonio Scarpa, a third generation highly skilled Italian Artisan, has mastered the fine art of creating jewel encrusted sandals. Made in Italy is synonymous with impeccable style, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every attention is given to each stage of Capri Girl Sandals, design construction and manufacture as we are committed to quality, design and comfort. Each sandal is made by hand one at a time by master craftsman using only the finest Italian leathers and Czechoslovakian stones. 


No longer reserved for daytime, Capri Girl Sandals is a must have in every fashionable wardrobe, a timeless collection of handcrafted, bejeweled sandals that can take you from poolside to party, from day to night. Your favorite ensemble, dresses and of course beach wear take on your own unique style when paired with these eye catching fabulous, sun summoning sandals.


Just the right mix of sparkle and style. The perfect accessory that is always in style.