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Capri Girl Sandals was born on the island of Capri, a destination that is known for its endless glamour and sophistication. Our designer, Antonio Scarpa, a third generation Italian Artisan, has mastered the fine art of creating embellished jeweled sandals. 

No longer reserved for daytime, Capri Girl Sandals carries you from day to night; a must have in every fashionable wardrobe. Made in Italy is synonymous with impeccable style, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Put your best foot forward in a luxurious Capri Girl Sandal that transforms your wardrobe and gives you instant style.

She is a woman of any age who is fun, feisty and fashionable.
She loves to make an entrance when she walks into a room.
She loves to travel to warm and exotic places.
She has her own personal and unique style.
She loves beautiful things.
She lives an active life.


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