Capri Sandals - Handmade in Capri Italy

Handmade with a Custom Fit

Capri Girl jeweled Capri sandals are a custom, handmade product. 

100% Italian Made Products

Every pair of Capri Girl jeweled Capri sandals are handmade to order. 100% of our components are Italian made in small artisan workshops in Capri, Italy. Today, many shoe designers no longer make their shoes with Italian made products. Only a handful are left – The Capri Girl Sandals brand is among them. Our sandals are 100% Italian. Look for the “Made in Italy” trademark stamp on the bottom of the jeweled sandal.

The Leather Sole

The genuine Italian leather sole trademark is a guarantee of high quality, achieved from the traditional production process that uses tanning vegetable extracts together with the most advanced technologies in Italy today.

The layers of our sole are hand sewn together. This is one of the things that distinguishes the Capri Girl jeweled sandals from the other, Capri sandals on the market. The sewing allows maximum durability and longevity. The leather gets softer with wear and molds to your foot, giving a true custom fit.

The Jewels

Capri Girl uses only the highest quality and finest products available from Italy. The jewels, stones and rhinestones used on the Capri Girl jeweled sandals are the highest quality used in Italy today. The precision cut facets in the crystals assure the highest brilliance and provide a beautiful luster and sparkle similar to a real gemstone. Because of this sparkle, our customers have referred to Capri Girl Jeweled sandals as Jewelry for your Feet! The collection’s exotic, rich colors are inspired by the ocean and the vivid colors of Capri.

The Leather & Suede Straps

The soft leather and suede straps add to the comfort of the sandal. The leather allows just enough give to mold to your foot, giving the custom fit feel. All the straps are hand stiched by skilled artisians.

The crystal & rhinestone embellished straps are secured to the sole using brass nails. This makes the Capri Girl sandal both custom and authentic.

The Heel

Just like the soles, the Capri Girl heels are made with layers of leather. These heels are then covered in rubber which helps prevent slipping and increases durability and longevity.

The traditional Capri Girl jeweled flat sandal has a 1/2 inch heel. This is the flat sandal style that was designed for walking up and down the steep, cobblestone streets of Capri. Although these handmade leather sandals are beautiful to the eye, they are also designed to be an extremely comfortable sandal and durable flat sandal. If you prefer a higher heel, we also offer a 2 inch wedge heel sandal. 


Capri Sandal Styles

Capri Girl Jeweled sandals come in a variety of styles and colors for any occasion. From flat and wedge, to thong and gladiators, there is so much to choose from. From an afternoon by the pool to evening cocktails, Capri Girl jeweled sandals are always in style.