Size & Heel Guide

Size Guide

Capri Girl jeweled sandals are made in Italian sizes. To ensure a perfect fit for your handmade Jeweled Leather Sandals, we have created this page to ensure you choose the appropriate size. It's an easy 2 step process.

A). Print the size pattern below that corresponds with your USA shoe size.

B). Place your bare foot on top of the pattern and make sure that it fits within the border: if your foot goes outside the border, try the next size up. If there is too much space, try a smaller size.


USA SizeCapri Girl SizePrint Size Pattern
636Print Sample Pattern
737Print Sample Pattern
838Print Sample Pattern
939Print Sample Pattern
1040Print Sample Pattern
1141Print Sample Pattern


Heel guide

The Flat Sandal vs. The Wedge Sandal. The traditional Capri jeweled flat sandal has a 1/2 inch heel with rubber to prevent sliding. This is the style that was designed for walking up and down the steep, cobblestone streets of Capri. Although these handmade leather jeweled sandals are beautiful to the eye, they are also designed to be an extremely comfortable leather sandal and a durable sandal. If you prefer a higher heel, we also offer a 2 inch wedge heel sandal. 

  •  Flat Sandal – ½ inch heel

  •  Wedge Sandal – 2 inch heel