Capri Sandals History

Just off the coast of Naples, Italy a great rock soars out of the blue sea. This Mediterranean jewel, is the island of Capri. The intoxicating fragrance of flowers, vivid splashes of color and Italian charm, are just some of the magical qualities of this Italian island.

Capri is so enchanting, an island so fashionable with unique style. You’ll find picturesque streets filled many glamorous shops in Capri. Starting in the 1950s when it became a popular getaway among movie stars, Capri quickly became one of Italy’s fashion capitals. It’s also the island that become famous for its handmade jeweled sandals, called Capri Sandals.

The ancient art of making handmade leather sandals has a long history in Capri. Legend says Emperor Tiberius, who live on the Island of Capri, used to wear leather sandals with leather bands wrapping the ankles. Thus, Capri Sandals were born.

It’s a universally known that Italians are the long-time leaders of handmade leather sandals, with impeccable design and craftsmanship. And when it comes to handmade jeweled sandals, none can match the quality and style of Capri Sandals. The jet-set, world of high-society and celebrities such as Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy were fascinated with the jeweled Capri sandals designs, inspiring a global obsession. Today, the Capri sandals are more popular than ever, beloved by celebrities like Julia Roberts, Gwenyth Paltrow and many stylish women all over the world.

Now, in Boca Raton, Florida, the Italian handmade luxury jeweled sandals tradition continues with Capri Girl Sandals. We are proud to continue this tradition by bringing these beautiful handmade Italian leather sandals to the U.S. It’s no longer necessary to travel all the way to Italy to have a handmade pair of Capri sandals made specifically for you!

We, at Capri Girl, feel Capri is more than a rock in the middle of the blue sea. Capri is a lifestyle, the concept of chic and casual was born there and is here to stay. So even if we can’t make the journey to Capri, we can still live… the Capri way, Ciao Bella!!!!


Capri Girl