Get head to toe sparkle with a pair of handmade jeweled sandals by Capri Girl! Our high quality, flat leather sandals are hand made in Capri, Italy and are embellished with beautiful jewels, rhinestones and gemstones in a rainbow of exotic Mediterranean colors such as blue, gold, green, red, pink and coral. For your everyday fashion needs, we also offer more traditional stone colors in black, white, brown and silver. Each pair of jeweled sandals is hand stitched and has soft leather and suede ankle straps. The Capri Girl collection also has an extensive selection of designs. Shop our entire collection of flat sandals, jeweled flip flops, jeweled thong sandals and jeweled gladiator sandals. You can even get a custom monogram for your handmade sandals as our gift to you. And while supplies last, you will receive a complimentary bottle of our exclusive Capri Color polish with every Capri Girl Sandals purchase. 

Capri Girl sandals truly last a lifetime, making them a fashion collectible and a must-have in your wardrobe.